Job interviews are a necessity in order to hire new talent for your team, but are you asking the right questions? More importantly, are you asking legal questions?


Here are just 5 questions, that although seem fairly harmless, could get you into serious trouble.



Are you married? 

This is a topic that can creep up in normal conversation, although due to the fact that it can reveal the marital status and possibly the sexual orientation of a candidate, it’s best to steer clear when talking about this, and should the topic be brought up then it’s best to bring the conversation back to the job they’re interviewing.


Where are you from? 

Of course, if the candidate has an accent then it might seem acceptable to ask but this is actually a no go due to the fact you would be enquiring about someone’s national origin. As an employer, you can’t legally ask where a candidate is from, however you are able to ask if they are authorised to work in the UK.


Have you ever been arrested? 

Of course, you’re can ask whether or not they have any previous criminal convictions, but an arrest isn’t binding. Innocent until proven guilty right?


 How many sick days did you take last year? 

This one is quite complicated, because although you would want to gauge interest and see if there would be a pattern emerging, most people aren’t comfortable in discussing their medical history or disclosing a disability.


 Do you have any debt? 

Another tricky one! Not everyone is proud of their financial situation, and some people may have fallen on hard times. This is quite an important factor when working in the financial sector, but it’s best left for the credit check.