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BW Staff Outing 3/8

Baxter Williams celebrated a fantastic year to date last night as well as a record performance in July, by getting together after work to enjoy an evening of pizza (each of us made our own, some "crispier" than others), drinks, music and relaxation. We firmly believe in a 'Work Hard, Play Hard' culture here at [...]

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5 Interview Questions That Can Get You in Trouble

Job interviews are a necessity in order to hire new talent for your team, but are you asking the right questions? More importantly, are you asking legal questions?   Here are just 5 questions, that although seem fairly harmless, could get you into serious trouble.     Are you married?  This is a topic that [...]

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Take The Seven Summits Challenge!

On Monday 24th April, Baxter Williams and Redpoint Climbing Centre will be hosting a 12 hour Climbathon in aid of Acorn's Children's Hospice.   Together, we're going to attempt to climb 45 THOUSAND meters in 12 hours, this is equivalent to scaling the seven highest summits in the world! Everest Aconcagua Denali Kilimanjaro Elbrus Vinson [...]

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What makes an employee stay?

Employees stay when they are: Paid Well: Nobody likes it when they are being taken for a ride, and no employee is going to stick around if they aren’t being correctly compensated, especially when they are performing well or taking on new responsibilities. Other factors can have an impact on their happiness with pay, such [...]

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