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BW Staff Outing 3/8

Baxter Williams celebrated a fantastic year to date last night as well as a record performance in July, by getting together after work to enjoy an evening of pizza (each of us made our own, [...]

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5 Interview Questions That Can Get You in Trouble

Job interviews are a necessity in order to hire new talent for your team, but are you asking the right questions? More importantly, are you asking legal questions?   Here are just 5 questions, [...]

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Take The Seven Summits Challenge!

On Monday 24th April, Baxter Williams and Redpoint Climbing Centre will be hosting a 12 hour Climbathon in aid of Acorn's Children's Hospice.   Together, we're going to attempt to climb 45 THOUSAND meters in [...]

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What makes an employee stay?

Employees stay when they are: Paid Well: Nobody likes it when they are being taken for a ride, and no employee is going to stick around if they aren’t being correctly compensated, especially when they [...]

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