Privacy Notice – transparency of data protection

Being transparent and providing accessible information to individuals about how we will use their personal data is important for our organisation. The following are details on how we collect data and what we will do with it:

  • What information is being collected? Name, email address, CV, home address, phone number
  • Who is collecting it? Recruitment Consultants
  • How is it collected? Verbally, by email, website application
  • Why is it being collected? To enable us to find suitable roles for candidates and communicate with them
  • How will it be used? It will be stored on our database so that candidates appear in relevant searches, CVs shared with clients only with candidate permission, emails used to send newsletter.
  • Who will it be shared with? It will not be shared with anyone without the permission of the person’s whose data it is, clients will only receive a CV, no other data will be shared until job acceptance.
  • Identity and contact details of any data controllers Ellie Trow – [email protected] 01905676286

Conditions for processing

We will ensure any use of personal data is justified using at least one of the conditions for processing and this will be specifically documented. All staff who are responsible for processing personal data will be aware of the conditions for processing. The conditions for processing will be available to data subjects in the form of a privacy notice.

Justification for personal data

We will process personal data in compliance with all six data protection principles.

We will document the additional justification for the processing of sensitive data, and will ensure any biometric and genetic data is considered sensitive.


The data that we collect is subject to active consent by the data subject. This consent can be revoked at any time.

Criminal record checks

Any criminal record checks are justified by law. Criminal record checks cannot be undertaken based solely on the consent of the subject.

Data portability

Upon request, a data subject should have the right to receive a copy of their data in a structured format. These requests should be processed within one month, provided there is no undue burden and it does not compromise the privacy of other individuals. A data subject may also request that their data is transferred directly to another system. This must be done for free.

Right to be forgotten

A data subject may request that any information held on them is deleted or removed, and any third parties who process or use that data must also comply with the request. An erasure request can only be refused if an exemption applies.


If you would like to review our full company GDPR Policy, please email [email protected]